The Free Reading Program

The Free Reading Program


The Free Reading Program is a literacy program with a social media twist. The program serves children and improves literacy while benefiting the sponsoring organization at the same time. A free, online, interactive reading program is made available to the community. Social media, marketing, consulting and development assistance is added and this increases the social reach of the sponsor. We all know that improving literacy is critical to creating self-reliant citizens. Proving the relevancy and modernity of your organization is critical to attracting new members and creating a sustainable legacy.

The Reading Program

The Free Reading Program is a robust Kindergarten to Grade 6 online learning program. 266 learning units and over 3600 interactive learning activities are designed to engage young learners and instill confidence through a quiz and success based teaching approach.

Our curriculum was originally designed by literacy experts for use in schools. The activities are based on leading educational research and the most thoroughly proven and effective teaching practices. The original content and software was developed by Essential Skills Software to run on personal computers. The program is incredibly effective and has been used in over 20,000 schools across North America.

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